4 Types Of Blankets To Decorate Your Home

Winter is here, and nothing feels better than cozying up with your favorite drink and a cozy blanket while watching the snow fall outside. Choosing that perfect throw that looks great in your space and matches your fall décor can be hard but we made it easy. Here are 4 blankets to decorate your home with this winter.

1. Faux Alpaca Fur

This gorgeous blanket made of fake fur is warm and feels great on. Faux alpaca fur is the perfect thickness to keep you nice and toasty this winter. Faux alpaca fur blankets usually come in brown or white and would make a great addition to any winter decorating ideas.

2. Faux Fox Fur

While this faux fur is easily recognizable by its extremely beautiful pattern, it's also heavy enough to keep you warm through the fall and even winter. Faux fox fur comes in orange, brown, or black. You can't go wrong with any of these colors. A faux fox fur blanket would look great in any home.

3.  Cashmere

Cashmere is a classic material that has been used on blankets throughout time, it is known for having frayed edges. Although this luxurious material is relatively lightweight it is still guaranteed to keep you nice and warm. It looks great with a bedspread or as a throw. This type of blanket traditionally comes in a variety of different colors, so you can find one that matches your winter decorating.

4. Wool 

A classic pick for the colder months. Getting these differently designed blankets will make your bed a comfortable, aesthetically great, soft, and warm place to lay down. Wool blankets can come in almost any color making them the perfect choice for any space. You can even mix and match!

 You'll want to stay wrapped up all season in these super comfy blankets. Stop by the store and check out our showroom for some winter décor!

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