Biggest Summer Trends

Author: LeeAnn Cline

While we're all for timeless design, it's always fun to spot a new trend. And the truth is, each season tends to bring a few new styles of furniture. As we look forward into Summer 2020, we turned to our trusted designers to determine what's going to make a big impression in the next few months. Here's what we found:


This Rattan Headboard adds a simple yet stylish design to your bedroom decor. The sweeping lines add movement to the room mirroring the ocean waves of coastal/boho living. 

Handwoven of natural wicker with an eye-catching basketweave texture, our exclusive pendant shade has a somewhat open design that shines warm ambient light into the room.

Add an island living mood to interiors with these casual rattan chairs. This collection features wrapped joinery and an airy cane back. It’s a lightweight design that stands up to everyday use indoors.

A great way to achieve a new look…? Go vintage! We predict reinvigorated enthusiasm for antiques, despite what you may have heard about millennials not wanting their parents' furniture or pieces that LOOK like their parent's favs! 

A rectangular sofa? So last year… More and more designers and homeowners are opting for the modern, yet romantic feel of curved furniture. From accent chairs, like the photo on the left, to curved-back sofas (on the right), we're looking at a curvy road ahead for design.

In conclusion, if you’re on the hunt for inspiring modern furniture trends check out your local Model Home Furnishings Showroom. Our designers are excited to help you discover fresh updates to make your home feel both unique & easily on trend!

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