Fresh Fall Feels

Of course there are all the usual suspects when it comes to decorating for fall: warm earthy colors & rich textures - But experts say there are also a few unexpected trends for the Fall of 2020.
You can try these ideas in big or small ways! 

A texture that can instantly give a fall feel?

< < VELVET > >  

"Velvet upholstered furniture is such a fun trend for fall," says Molly Kidd of Light & Dwell. But for a quicker and more affordable fix, you can always opt for a pillow cover instead. Layer a few jewel toned pillows for a beautiful fall sofa. 

Rattan is STILL having a huge moment! You will notice it's not just for patios any longer. Rattan is back & back to stay. Maybe it's because we all want to be on a vacation? Here are a few of our favs:
These Rattan shelves are perfect for SO many places in your home. Here are a few of our designer's ideas to get your brain going:
  • Spices in the kitchen 
  • Books in a nursary  
  • A ledge for picture frames if you can't hang frames 
  • Organizational space in a home office
If you love a classically fall hue, go all in on warm earth tones that give a nod to foliage. "I love the color range that I describe as rusty-rosy-caramel-persimmon for fall," says Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors.

Golds, olives, tans, and browns can have a similarly cozy effect on your space. Here's our top choices in the classic call palette:

Layer lighting to evoke emotion or otherwise dramatically change up a space by highlighting moments of interest. We are particularly drawn to the use of candle lights in the fall. Turn off your overhead lights in the evening and light candles. Beautiful lamps with soft glow bulbs can also give the Amber Glow we are looking for. 

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