There’s Nothing Quite Like a Well-Decorated Home

Author: LeeAnn Cline
Ottomans rugs wall art mirrors shelves there’s nothing quite like a well-decorated home.

As the center of your world, it’s important to design a space that fits your needs. Everyone needs something different.
Ranging from calm – invigorating – inspiring – or cozy the possibilities are endless.

Ideas from our designers

Vasescapes create rich displays with glazed ceramics & recycled vases.
A beautiful solution to fill a console table, mantel or centerpiece.

  1. Select vases with varying heights!
  2. Mix materials & finishes.
  3. Make it glow! Add candles to your display!
Surprising Style


Add your style to the most unexpected places. We LOVE this braided tissue basket with a wooden handle. Available to order today!

layered ledges
Create an eye-catching vignette in 4 easy steps!

1) Foundation - Choose one piece to be your background.
2) Color - Use sprays & branches that fit with the theme.
3) Anchor - Add a candle holder to frame the space.
4) Fill it in - Take a step back - add small details until you love the look!

Fresh Ideas

The Latest Trend You Don't Know About Yet... Are you familiar with the latest craze of using baskets for plants? If not, you clearly haven’t been following the right people on social media #plantsinbaskets. What's not to love?

Black White & Green... There are many ways in which you can combine these colors for a fresh look. Green is an ideal color when paired with black & white - it adds a modern and energetic vibe!

Add an artistic dimensional accent... The Nakasa cubic art glass decor is mouth-blown artisan glass, frosted cubes. They are infused with abstract textures, shapes, and colors. Handcrafted, each piece features unique variations ensuring no two are exactly alike.

To get a completely fresh look, all you need to do is change out your throw pillows. Vary your pillows by size, texture, print, and style for the most eye-pleasing arrangement. Your pillows do not have to match but should blend and work together.

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