Winter Décor Tips and Ideas

A change of seasons is always a prime opportunity to change décor, and this winter is no exception. If you've got the decorating bug this winter, here are some fun decorating ideas with a few décor examples to spruce up your home.

Winter-Inspired Wall Art

When preparing your home for some winter decorating, what better place to start than with art? Try this piece from our showroom in Eagle, Vanishing Into The Distance. Its color palette and subdued strokes evoke a beautiful warm landscape, while the foregrounded railroad brings the viewer forward into a new unknown, perfect for the new season. Check out our other wall art pieces as well and see what fits with your décor!

Books and Bookcases

What's cozier than curling up with a good book while the snow falls outside your window? Be sure to put out some good reads in your living space to cultivate that bookish winter environment. Model Home Furnishings has some great options to give your books a suitable home while keeping the winter vibe in your own home. Whether you prefer the rustic woodgrain of our Open Bookcase or the more stately and compact look of our Contemporary Corner Bookcase, our showroom has what you need to best show winter décor off for all your guests this season.

Recliners and Chairs

Whether you're reading or otherwise, you'll want some nice seats to get cozy in this winter. The classic and comfortably cushioned armchair is probably one of the most fitting seats for a winter environment. Our Santa Fe recliner strikes the perfect balance between rustic and comfortable, perfect for your home décor. Our Copeland accent chair also brings rustic and comfortable vibes into your living space while also keeping things compact.

Accent Pieces

Even little motifs are sure to bring some spice into your winter décor (pumpkin spice, if you will). Perhaps consider a new pendant, such as our Makani Pendant Lamp, whose warm colors, flame-like light bulbs and undulating lines evoke the atmosphere of a comforting campfire this winter season. Or maybe treat yourself with our luxurious Milton throw for those chilly nights. That's the beauty of winter decorating: you can choose whatever décor you like to create a personalized seasonal haven in your own home!

Need even more inspiration? Stop by our store and check out our showroom for more décor and ideas!

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